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Howe Green 2500 Series wood floor access cover product image
Floor Access Cover
2500 Series Wood Floor Access Cover Trim

The Howe Green 2500 Series Floor Access Covers are suitable for all types of timber floors – up to 22mm solid hardwood floors, timber strip and heavy-duty laminate flooring to enable permanent, safe access to services concealed underneath.

The 2500 Series is a Stainless Steel Single Access Cover Trim available for use in wood flooring areas. Manufactured in the UK, all covers are made to your exact specification.

Howe Green | 2500 Series

Features / Benefits

Made to your specification between stated maximum and minimum sizes, with no time or cost constraint.

Quick and easy to install ensuring minimum disruption.

Fits within the thickness of a standard timber floor, removing the need to cut rebates into whatever is underneath the timber flooring.

Provides easy, permanent access to underfloor services using lifting keys.

Screwed sideways into the floor to allow movement with a floating timber floor.


All types of timber floors – up to 22mm solid hardwood floors, timber strip flooring, heavy-duty laminate flooring.


Light-duty, suitable for pedestrian traffic, including wheeled trolleys and sack trucks


Commercial buildings, educational institutions, civic and public buildings subject to pedestrian footfall traffic where permanent access to underfloor facilities and services is required.


We manufacture Floor Access Covers, Edge Trims and Corner Guards quickly and easily to your exact size/configuration or special purpose requirements using CAD and C.N.C machinery at our manufacturing facility in our factory in the West Midlands.

Performance Standards Howe Green | 2500 Series

SUITABILITY Wooden floors
LOADING pedestrian traffic, including trolleys / sack trucks
WEIGHT 16 kg/m²

Guide Specification Howe Green | 2500 Series

MATERIALSStainless Steel, fitted with Stainless Steel securing bolts
CLEAR OPENINGMin-Max sizes: 150-900mm
FRAME SIZE(Overall dimensions) Clear opening plus 70mm
DEPTHOverall depth 25mm

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