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Bilco UK Ladders from Howe Green
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Fixed and Retractable Ladders

A complete range of industrial fixed, retractable ladders and roof mounted walkways to suit your application. Manufactured in Aluminium or Stainless Steel to BS4211: 2005

Visit Bilco UK to view our full range of Ladders suitable for use with floor access covers in basement and plant areas in buildings of all types.


Features / Benefits

BILCO UK is committed to producing products that are unequalled in quality, design and workmanship. Our Ladders are manufactured to the highest standards and comply with Building Regulations for safe access to roof areas.

BILCO UK industrial ladders can be found in commercial, healthcare, education, banks and public buildings across the UK and the rest of the world.

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Fixed Ladders

TYPE BL Fixed Vertical Ladder »
TYPE BL-WH Fixed Vertical Ladder with Safety Cage »
TYPE BL-WG Fixed Vertical Ladder with Safety Cage and Guard Rail »

Retractable Ladders

TYPE BL-Z Retractable Ladder »
TYPE BL-ZBOX Retractable Ladder with Trap Door »
TYPE BL-ZBOX-FR Retractable Ladder with Fire Rated Trap Door »

Companionway Ladders

TYPE BL-COMP Companionway Ladder »

Stepover Ladders

TYPE BP45 Stepover Ladders »

Roof Mounted Walkways

TYPE BWALK Roof Mounted Walkway »

LADDER UP ™ Safety Post

LADDER UP™ Safety Post »

Performance Standards Ladders

Performance Available from Bilco UK or National BIM Library (see External links)

Guide Specification Ladders

SpecificationAvailable from Bilco UK or National BIM Library (see External links)

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