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Our range of floor access doors from our sister company Bilco UK includes 1-hour and 2-hour fire rated products, external drainage doors and interior options to meet a varied range of project requirements and provide safe access to under-floor services or basement areas.

Floor Doors

Typical installations include biomass fuel stores, hospitals, educational buildings, chemical plants, commercial buildings, correctional facilities, banks and leisure buildings across the UK and around the world.  

Floor access doors are available as single cover or double cover units, depending on size and application. Aluminium drainage covers are available for light duty pedestrian traffic or for heavy external use in off-street locations. Our floor access doors can be provided with a solid, slip-resistant checker plate top cover where no infill is required, or an infill can be used to match and blend with the floor covering at the location of installation.

Fire Rated Floor Doors
TYPE FR 2hr Fire Rated Floor Door »
TYPE J-FR 1hr Fire Rated Floor Door »

Exterior Floor Doors with Drainage
TYPE J-AL and JD-AL 300psf Exterior Floor Access Door »
TYPE J-AL H20 and JD-AL H20 Exterior Floor Access Door with H20 Loading »

Interior Floor Doors
TYPE K/KD Interior Floor Access Doors »
TYPE TER/TRD Interior Floor Access Doors »

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