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Howe Green Visedge VR flexible floor securing joint
Floor Access Cover
Visedge DS & VR Series Flexible Floor Trims

The Howe Green Visedge Series Floor Trims ensure that the joint between two different types of flooring remains impermeable, flat, hygienic and permanent so protecting against the ingress of dirt, and preventing slip and trip hazards.

The DS and VR Series trims prevent shrinkage of vinyl flooring which may occur in extreme conditions, are quick and easy to use and enhance the product life of the flooring. Manufactured in the UK, floor trims are made to your exact specification.

Flexible Floor Trims

Features / Benefits

Designed to ensure accurate and unobtrusive installation with no further maintenance once installed.


Suitable for flexible sheeting, such as vinyl and linoleum, and for hard paving, such as ceramic tiles.


Securing edge trim for pedestrian traffic, including wheeled trolleys and sack trucks.


Visedge DS Series Aluminium Securing Edge is for use in commercial locations such as kitchens, hospitals, shopping centres, supermarkets and retail outlets, where two different types of flooring meet.

Visedge VR Series Aluminium Securing Edge Joint is used in commercial locations such as walkways in kitchens where the safety flooring may adjoin quarry tiles under the ovens, swimming pools where safety flooring on the poolside adjoins tiles around the pool, and wetrooms where safety flooring adjoins a tiled area.


We manufacture Floor Edge Trims quickly and easily to your exact size or special purpose requirements at our manufacturing facility in the West Midlands.


Performance Standards Flexible Floor Trims

SUITABILITY Securing flexible floor edges
LOADING Pedestrian traffic, incl. trolleys / sack trucks

Guide Specification Flexible Floor Trims

MATERIALSDS: 100% Aluminium Edge Trim / VR: Aluminium with a PVC insert to weld the sheet flooring to.
SIZEVisedge DS & VR trims are stocked in packs of 5 No. 2 metre lengths. Any quantity of 2 metre lengths can be supplied.

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