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Howe Green chosen by Scena Projects to produce special purpose access solution for a bespoke see-through glass floor at the unique Roman Baths in Bath.

Roman Baths

The only one of its kind in the world, The Roman Baths in Bath is visited by tens of thousands of people each year. As part of a makeover to upgrade the visitor experience further, Event Communications suggested the introduction of a bespoke 5 metre see-through glass floor to provide visitors with a dramatic view of the main drain from above.

In a bid to keep the floor from steaming up above the hot stream and to provide an easy method of access for maintenance, project contractor Scena Projects Ltd. approached Howe Green for a unique solution.

A leading developer and manufacturer of floor, ceiling and wall access solutions, Howe Green designed and manufactured two bespoke runs of brushed Stainless Steel Floor Access Panels to sit either side of the impressive glass floor. Each measuring 5m x 0.5m, they allow any steam that rises from the water below, which has a temperature in excess of 40°C, to escape without fogging the glass and obstructing the visitors view. The removable panels also provide easy access for cleaning and maintenance of the lighting beneath the glass floor.

With a commitment to high quality products and an ability to produce made to measure products with the costs associated with bespoke manufacture, Howe Green’s Panels were the obvious choice for Scena. Having used Howe Green on its projects before, Scena knew the company could develop a unique and trusted solution.

“Howe Green produced exactly what we asked for,” commented Paul Norman of Scena Projects. “The Stainless Steel Access Panel have a high quality finish and are ideal for an application of this nature.”

Open seven days a week with up to 6,000 visitors a day during holidays and weekends, it was vital that Scena sourced a solution capable of withstanding a heavy footfall. This was no problem for Howe Green. The Stainless Steel Access Panels were designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, without any detriment to strength or quality. Fitted quickly and unobtrusively into all types of hard floor finishes, the installation of the Floor Access Panels allowed work on-site to flow smoothly. Fitting 100% flush with the floor, there’s no risk of slips or trips.

But it’s not just about practicality. It was essential that the access panels blended in seamlessly with the stylised aesthetic. Scena’s phased upgrade of The Roman Baths incorporates the use of Stainless Steel, glass and oak finishes, updating its visual appeal.

Every Howe Green Access Cover is made to exact client specification based on a range of options. These include a choice of Aluminium, Stainless Steel or Brass show edge and matching lifting blocks, or Colouredge high impact PVC edges with Aluminium lifting blocks. So, ensuring they matched the interior was no problem.

With the Access Covers in place, visitors to The Roman Baths can look forward to a unique view down through the glass floor into the waterway below, safe in the knowledge that the essential Access Panels won’t let them down.

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The removable panels also provide easy access for cleaning and maintenance of the lighting beneath the glass floor.

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