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Why you should use Howe Green Access Cover Skates to lift heavy floor access covers

Quite simply – by using a pair of Howe Green Access Cover Skates you will make- light work of moving heavy access covers! 

A safer option
Health and safety is a major consideration for all building owners, facilities managers and contractors. The Howe Green Access Cover Skate removes the need for operatives to manually move heavy manhole covers and access covers when accessing concealed services. By reducing the requirement to handle heavy objects the risk of injury is greatly diminished. With up to a 300-kilo lift from each Howe Green Access Cover Skate you will benefit from a powerful floor access cover lifter. 

Easy to use
Howe Green has over 36 years of experience in the architectural building services sector. Product development at the company is driven by the needs of the customer. Solutions to complex challenges are designed and manufactured to be easy and simple to use. The floor access cover lifter is no exception to this philosophy. Watch the Access Cover Skate video to see just how easy it really is to lift an access cover with the Cover Skate.

Ready for action
Unlike other manhole and floor access cover lifting devices the Cover Skate is supplied ready to use. There are no parts to assemble and complex diagrams and instructions to follow! 

The Howe Green Access Cover Skate is compact and lightweight. Each Cover Skate weighs just 3 kilos and they are very easy to carry around in a work bag or toolbox. The convenience of being able to transport the Cover Skate makes it the perfect choice for large sites and organisations with multiple sites.

The Cover Skate has been designed to be used with the whole range of manhole covers and floor access covers available from Howe Green. However it is highly versatile and, by using different lifting keys, can accommodate manhole covers from other manufacturers. By specifying the name of the manufacturer you require when you place your order the correct lifting keys will be supplied with your access cover lifter.

The Cover Skate comes in two different sizes to accommodate access covers of all dimensions. 

The Howe Green Access Cover Skate is manufactured from 1.4003 stainless steel and is corrosion resistant. As it does not rely on hydraulics it is also very low maintenance. 

Will save you time and money
Lifting manhole covers and floor access covers with the Howe Green Access Cover Skate will require just one operative as opposed to the two operatives needed with more traditional lifting devices. A reduction in manpower equals a reduction in cost. The time taken to generate a return on investment for the Cover Skate is very short.

James Fisher, MD of Howe Green comments, “Our Access Cover Skate is tried and tested. It has proved a valuable asset for our customers as it saves a lot of time. It is also a much safer way to lift heavy floor access covers. The Access Cover Skate is especially beneficial in locations where regular access is required to concealed services. It is ideal for airports, railway stations, schools, hospitals, offices and factories. If you have floor access covers in your building the Cover Skate is an absolute must.” 

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Howe Green Access Cover Skate

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