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Staying ahead: the crucial role of CPD in achieving compliance

Staying Ahead: The Crucial Role of CPD in Achieving Compliance

In the fast-paced world of architecture and construction, staying ahead of the latest developments, legislations and innovations is essential, and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) remains a crucial part of an architect’s ongoing development.

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) announced changes to its CPD requirements from January 2024.

The core requirements remain unchanged. RIBA Members are still required to carry out a minimum of 35 hours of relevant learning each year, with at least 20 of those hours on the 10 mandatory RIBA Core Curriculum CPD topics.

However, there's now a renewed emphasis on quality and depth of learning. For 2024, instead of reaching a number of ‘learning points’, members are now required to provide a brief, reflective statement on what they have gained from each CPD undertaken when updating their activity on the RIBA online CPD tool.

This change is one element of several forthcoming adjustments to the system, implemented in response to the industry’s acknowledged need for increased scrutiny of professional competency. This need has been highlighted by significant reports such as the Hackitt inquiry which followed the Grenfell Tower fire, as well as recent legislation surrounding fire safety and sustainability.

As a provider of RIBA accredited CPD’s, Access 360 highlights the important role CPDs play in ensuring architects can remain both competent and compliant with evolving legislations, such as the Golden Thread.

The Golden Thread serves as a foundational element in ensuring the quality, safety and longevity of a building, and signifies the crucial link between the initial design intent, through to the construction and maintenance stages of a building's lifecycle. It highlights the need for meticulous record-keeping through every decision and action taken in the design and construction process being documented, traceable, and accountable.

Designed to serve as a cornerstone in helping architects to achieve successful and compliant specifications and uphold Golden Thread through best practice, Access 360’s CPDs are delivered by its experienced team of Specification Sales Managers and include Fire & Smoke Access Solutions; The Roof Access and Natural Smoke Ventilation for Flat Roofs; and Safe, Practical and Aesthetic Roof, Celling, Wall and Floor Access Solutions.

To sign up to an online CPD go to, or to arrange for one of Access 360’s Specification Sales Managers to deliver a CPD seminar in person, please email [email protected].

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