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HDL Series Floor Access Hatch

The Howe Green Heavy-Duty Large (HDL) Floor Hatch Series of Floor Access Covers are hydraulically powered and up to 12m x 6 m in size, suitable for use with hard-wearing floor finishes to enable permanent, safe access to services concealed underneath.

The HDL Series of Floor Hatches is available in single leaf or double opening door configurations for use in interior or exterior areas, from infrastructure, rail or hospitals to engine rooms and shopping centres. With up to 11.5 tonne pneumatic tyre wheel load, FACTA AAA – E load rating with higher ratings available on request. Load ratings are not reliant on structural infill. Manufactured in the UK with optional third party CERTIFIRE fire rating up to 120 minutes, all hatches are made to your exact specification to meet required project specifications.

Howe Green | HDL Series

Features / Benefits

Made to your specification between stated maximum and minimum sizes.

Large hatches supplied in sections for ease of handling and assembly on site.

Provides easy access to under-floor services through hydraulically powered doors.

Any size up to 12 m x 6 m can be manufactured to provide a tailor-made floor access solution.

Galvanised and Stainless Steel options (grades 304 or 316)

Optional third party CERTIFIRE fire rated up to 120 minutes, tested to BS 476 Part 22 for stainless steel (316) and galvanised steel (304) covers.

Load rating 11.5 tonnes FACTA D (equivalent to D400) as standard, but loadings from AAA – E available to meet all project requirements. For higher ratings please contact the technical team.

Load ratings are not reliant on structural infill. 150mm infill depth as standard.

Yellow powder coated internal faces for safety visibility.

Removeable centre ‘I’ beam sits in pockets at each end.


All types of hard floor finish - ceramic tiles, marble, terrazzo, concrete, resin or stone floors.


Heavy-duty, suitable for up to  11.5 tonne pneumatic tyre wheel load.

Load rating 11.5 tonnes FACTA D (equivalent to D400) supplied as standard, load ratings from AAA – E available on request to meet project requirements.

Load ratings are not reliant on structural infill.

If heavier loading is required, please contact the technical team on 01920 463230.

Hydraulically powered doors to open and close with safety values to prevent doors from uncontrolled closing.

Powered hydraulic system either 240v or 415v (2.8 Kw).

Closed to fully open cycle time approximately 2 minutes (powered version).

Hydraulic power pack mounted inside the pit and connected via quick release couplings.

Hydraulic power unit fitted with an inline filter to ensure oil remains clean.

Rubber hydraulic hoses conform to ISO 18752 class D for 1 million cycles and are rated to 120oC

Self-draining, with all mating surfaces fitted with an EDPM gasket.


The Howe Green HDL Floor Hatches are optionally third party CERTIFIRE tested and fire rated to BS 476 Part 22 for 2 hours on integrity in the case of a fire.  

Maximum size 12m x 6m.

*any floor access hatches outside of the maximum sizes shown above will not be covered by our fire ratings*



The HDL Floor Hatch Access Cover from Howe Green is the first choice for demanding external and internal environments subject to heavy pedestrian or vehicular traffic where the emphasis on creating an attractive public realm is at the heart of the development and easy access is required to concealed underfloor services.

External and internal areas that require a large Floor Access Hatch with a deeper 150mm capacity infill depth to accommodate a thicker floor covering, such as granite.

Large hatches are supplied in sections for ease of handling and assembly on site.

The use of removeable centre ‘I’ beams enables complex designs to be manufactured to accommodate situations where a non-standard access solution is required.


We manufacture Floor Access Covers, Hatches, Floor Doors, Edge Trims and Corner Guards to order quickly and easily to your exact size and configuration or special purpose requirements using CAD and C.N.C machinery at our manufacturing facility in the West Midlands.


Shallower or deeper infill depth available on request

Small, low FACTA rated units can be powered with an electric actuator

Hydraulic unit can be supplied on a trolley, for wheeling to the hatch

Hydraulics connected via optional small side access hatch if preferred

Hand operated hydraulic pump option for remote locations

Hydraulic power pack can be mounted in a side pit with lockable hatch, with same load rating as main unit

Lever operated hydraulic valves from side pit, or optional remote cable control

Performance Standards Howe Green | HDL Series

SUITABILITY Interior and exterior solid floors
LOADING Up to 11.5 tonne pneumatic tyre wheel load (FACTA D, equivalent to D400) – loadings AAA – E on request
SIZE 12m x 6m maximum
HINGES Heavy-duty full length stainless steel piano hinges
FIRE RATING Optional third party CERTIFIRE fire rated to BS 476 Part 22 for 120 minutes
MAINTENANCE Supplied with safety prop for maintenance

Downloads Howe Green | HDL Series

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Guide Specification Howe Green | HDL Series

MATERIALSGalvanised and Stainless Steel options (grades 304 or 316)
FRAME SIZE(Overall dimensions) Stainless Steel: clear opening plus 130mm
DEPTHOverall infill depth 150mm as standard
LIFTINGHydraulically powered doors
FIRE RATINGBS 476 – Part 22 for up to 120 minutes
*NOTESDue to the potentially complex design, Howe Green recommends early consultation with our Technical Department to achieve the most efficient and economical layout for the given installation.

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